we bring crypto-assets to Finance

Stay onshore, relax and enjoy the sun, COQONUT takes care of everything for you. We help you to navigate the crypto-world without any trouble.

150 million people worldwide own crypto-assets, among which some of your own customers. Yet they still struggle to manage their portfolio due to lack of performance tracking tools or unavailability of relevant and reliable data.

With COQONUT, you can differentiate from competition and offer crypto-investors both a consolidated view of their assets and the ability to monitor their portfolio, with peace of mind. We open the gate to the crypto-world for you. 

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COQONUT provides a gateway to easily connect to the crypto-world, we take care of all the hurdles for you

With COQONUT, through our easy to connect APIs, you have access to a wide range of services to fulfill all your customer needs. The complexity is managed by our platform, connecting to the crypto-world becomes as easy as going to the beach.

Account Aggregation

Provide your customers with a consolidated view of all their transactions and positions in one place, and a tool to monitor the performance of their portfolio

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Tax Reporting

Provide your customers with a comprehensive report that shows gains and losses to be reported in their tax filings

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Crypto Referential

Get clarity on crypto-assets, with a unique code, market price, taxonomy and detailed description of each asset

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We are sailing our Tech between Europe and North America


We are 5 executives from the financial industry. We have all invested in cryptocurrencies a couple of years ago, and very quickly realized that none of the exchanges were providing a simple and smart solution to manage our investments. Inspired by Personal Finance Aggregators, we developed the first solution designed for Financial Institutions, with secure and reliable APIs.


We received the innovation label from Finance Innovation in France


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